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Sachin Tendulkar : Living Legend - Critics

GUYS now its very clear and concluded... Sachin is THE god. Living Legend... So please stop criticizing and accept the fact.... Well, I want to explain each and every point of critics in details and reason behind it. At least I want to try, because I just hate when stupid people who don’t know how to play or can’t even play (including so called legend/s of Indian cricket :P) criticize him (only him basically).
Some Points I want to clear:
1. He is not at all selfish. If someone is calling Sachin selfish means either he hates him or he doesn’t know ‘c’ of cricket. Basically he hates him, that’s it.
2. Some stupid comments:
1. If Sachin scores century India loses that game.
2. Sachin is just worried about his records.
3. He is not a team player.
Let me explain:
Cricket is team game, and everyone has to play. So if someone scores century it doesn’t mean that other players can sit and enjoy. Best example:
Tendulkar had scored a composed 99 in the second ODI at Mohali where India lost.
Mohali score card:
Ind inn: 321-9
Player Name Runs
S Ganguly 6
S Tendulkar 99
G Gambhir 57
V Sehwag 25
Yuvraj Singh 34
MS Dhoni 4
Robin Uthappa 0
Irfan Pathan 7
Harbhajan Singh 38
Zaheer Khan 9
RP Singh 1

Wow… critics please explain me what exactly happened here? S Tendulkar (179-2, 25.4) Sachin got out in 26th over. At that time run rate was almost 7 r/o.
Considering this at the end of 50th over our runs supposed to be at least 340.
But result were different as our other star and so called selfless player performed extremely unpromising except ‘Harbhajan Singh’, pity on him. Man what you expect from bowler, anyway he did his job. Its 50 over game guys not 20-20. You need to stand for long time; you can’t just hit 6 sixes and go back to pavilion to take a rest.

Pak inn: 322-6
Still India lost Mohali game. Was it Sachin’s mistake?
See the difference only 6 wickets. Was it Sachin’s mistake?

Guys you cant blame one guy for losing whole game. He has to and he will keep playing, will break and make many records. But even in future he scores good runs and India loses that game it’s going to be Sachin’s mistake, because he just made another record, right? Only because you hate him please don’t blame him. If you don’t like his game, then back your point.

Please read following blog for more Sachin-India statistics.
He tried his best in all the games but still India lost them. Why?
Because Sachin is selfish player, right? No not at all India lost all those games because there was no one to help this little master, absolutely no one. Is he one man army who is trying to protect whole castle? Come on guys to win war of cricket we need full force not just one man standing.

Our all youngster’s are so inconsistent. It is a shame that people with dubious credentials question the very ability of Sachin. You ask, is Sachin a match-winner? Sachin is more than a match-winner, for more than a decade he has been the hope and harmony that has held our team together. He strode out into the middle with unmatched purpose and resolves to ensure that our team competes at the highest level with dignity and success. A soldier is not judged by the weapon he carries or the battlefields he conquers, but the character with which he uses his weapons on the battlefield. Sachin plays for a team, and we cannot think of a better savior of Indian cricket than Sachin. Do not judge him merely by the runs he scores, for he has spawned a generation of fiercely motivated young cricketers that will carry the honor of our team for the next two decades.

EVERY time Sachin Tendulkar does not perform to his standards, a debate starts whether he is the best or not. But the problem lies in our expectation not in his approach or ability. Every time he goes in to bat we expect him to make a hundred. After all he is human. He has conquered the world time and again and won matches on his own. He is the best match-winner India has produced. We can confidently say that he is the best in the business.

To the specific question of how good a match-winner is Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin has been part of the Indian cricket team for nearly 14 years. But it is only in the past couple of years that India has begun wining consistently. The present Indian team is brimming with talent and temperament. This does not in any way suggest that the players of the bygone decades lacked any of it. Only when the skills of eleven men and more are channelized in the same direction will a team become an ensemble.

Read it LOUD:
Only when the skills of eleven men and more are channelized in the same direction will a team become an ensemble.

Sachin has been a great role model with his gentlemanly behavior, despite his huge stature in the cricketing world. He has always strived hard to keep our Tri-colour on TOP.

India’s first 300:
(118 and 2-40, Sharjah, 1996)
Tendulkar's 118 helped India pass 300 for the first time in one-day cricket and set up a satisfying win. He added a record 231 for the second wicket with fellow centurion Navjot Singh Sidhu and was intent on building an innings after scoring just three in India's two defeats. It was a classical display, as both fast bowler and slow was played with ease. With the ball, Tendulkar dismissed Basit Ali and Saqlain Mushtag with his mixed bag of flippers, faster ones and top spinners as India won by 28 runs.

Finally last but not least.

“I saw him playing on television and was struck by his technique, so I asked my wife to come look at him. Now I never saw myself play, but I feel that this player is playing much the same as I used to play, and she looked at him on Television and said yes, there is a similarity between the two...hi compactness, technique, stroke production... it all seemed to gel! In reference to Sachin Tendulkar.”
- Sir Don Bradman

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